While it is never “sexy” to talk about water treatment plants and bridge conditions, the honest answer to Atlanta’s decades old struggle to keep up with our growing population is that we underinvest in our natural resource management and our infrastructure. Time and time again, we paint ourselves into a corner with billion dollar repair bills for things we didn’t maintain along the way. It’s a lose-lose approach - paying more afterwards, and forcing our residents to accept crumbling roads and sewer systems.

I’d like to propose a better way. I’d like to change the way we think about our city’s infrastructure and resources - planning ahead instead of scrambling afterwards. We all know the condition of our streets, schools, bridges and water treatment plants influences our local economy’s ability to grow. Let’s invest where it is most needed to support our families and our economy NOW - so that new companies can have justified faith in our roads and bridges ability to get their goods to market, and that our residents can have justified faith in their ability to use public transportation as an affordable, reliable way to get to school and work.

Additionally, let’s find a way to make sure our first responders - especially our police and firefighters - have equitable pay with the rest of Georgia - so we can generate more community involvement and trust, while investing in more training to better protect and serve our community.

As your City Council Representative, I will work to ensure that our infrastructure meets the standards of our future city, and not leave the patchwork for future generations of taxpayers. I will push for long overdue expansion of public transit, and equitable division of city resources to lay the foundation for further growth.